University Course

Introduction to Palestinian Art-(Online Course)

This new elective course in the Fine Arts Program is devoted to the study of Palestinian art via E-Learning technologies. This course profiles the history of Palestinian art from pre-1948 to the present day by examining its developments and transformations . It begins from the 1920's with the early themes of Palestinian art progressing to the study of the art of the new millennium. Taking a chronological thematic approach it looks at the historical, social, political and aesthetic factors that have contributed to the development of Palestinian art.

How for example has the occupation affected the production and subject matter of Palestinian art? What has been the experience of Palestinian artists in the Diaspora

Course Units include:

  1. History of Palestinian Art
  2. Genres in Palestinian Art
  3. Issues of Time and Place
  4. Artists' Profiles
  5. Contemporary Debates in Palestinian Art

The course includes online and actual visits to exhibitions and artists studios. Students will also be required to give oral presentations and undertake research project as part of their coursework.