Birzeit University would like to express its gratitude and thanks to all individuals and institutions for their contribution through their generous financial support, professional expertise, technical skills and creative energy in the realization of The  Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University.

We would particularly like to express our thanks to Former President of Birzeit University Dr. Hanna Nasir who since its inception supported the concept of the Virtual Gallery, for Palestine Tele-Communications Company (Paltel) for its generous financial support and enthusiasm particularly to Mr. Zahi Khoury, Dr. Abdel al Malik Jaber, Mr. Ghassan Anabtawi and Ms. Lamis Anas, not forgetting Mr. Mosab Khorma former CEO of Paltel.. Our special appreciation also goes to Emily Jacir who assisted in the initiation of the project and who continued to help in her capacity as Art Advisor. We would also like to thank the French Consulate General in Jerusalem and in particular Faten Benhaybles-Foeth for her support and interest in the E-learning and international component of the project. Our gratitude also goes to David Codling, Sarah Ewans of The British Council Jerusalem and the Art Department of the British Council UK for facilitating professional contacts with museums and academic establishments in the UK, and to Farid Maajari from the Goethe Institut, Ramallah for offering his valuable technical know how. In addition we also would like to thank UNDP for their support in providing staff through the TOKTEN and UNV programs. We also express special appreciation to Adila Laidi former Director of the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center for her support of the project and in particular to all the Palestinian artists for providing us access to their works, exhibitions and archives which have given richness and diversity to the website.

At Birzeit University we would like to thank The Computer Centre and BIT, in particular Marwan Tarazi, Yaha Yaish and Imad Tartir. Our special appreciation also goes to Rula Halawani from the Photography Unit/the Media Institute and Baha Ju’beh from the BZU Museum .

Finally we would like to extend a very special note of thanks to our team of experts, all those who worked relentlessly to visualize and design the website using their creative and technical know how to the fullest : Daniel de Wolff -Web Designer, Raed Hindalieh-Web Engineer, Jamil Daraghmeh- Image and Video Technician and Maya Nasser- Information Officer. The Virtual Gallery however would not have come to existence without the devotion, vision, academic knowledge and managerial expertise of Dr. Tina Sherwell, Executive Director of the project, to her we offer our respect and deepest appreciation.

Vera Tamari, Project Director

Birzeit University- 17 March 2005