My work has developed over the years from figurative to a non-figurative approach.However

certain elements of the figure continue to persist

Symbolic content is more suggested than contrived,and energes out of personal warehouse of experience. My visual vocabulary is rooted in my training in the modern traditions ranging from Cubism to Surrealism to Abstarct Expressionism.

Influnences in my work incorporatethe enigmatic paintings of Klee and Gorky the stuctural sense of Kandinsky and the spontaneity Of Maatisse. Hence my work can be hard edged on one hand, and expressionistic on the other.But in either case the emphasis remains on the spontaneity of shape,line,textureand colore.I thrive on experrimentation with media and tools which allow me to create variety of sensual surfaces achieved through methods of layering.

My cultural roots emcompass Arabic writing,Islamic design ,as well Byzantine images such asicons of the orthodox Church. The Byzantine influence manifests itself mainly through the suspension of imaes, the sense of design,and non-objective approach to the human figuure.Elements of Arabic scripts, Naski and Kufi, are manifested in my work in the balance od the curvinilinear configurations and geometricity.

Art is my life, we have to prove our capabilities through honest thinking, feeling and acting,. My concern has always been with the struggle between fragmentation and unity. Art is an exercise in spontaneity in honor of our national heritage and for the sake of compatriots.