During my research for my documentary film “5 Minutes from Home”, it was hard for me to find information or documents or photos about the Jerusalem Airport through public insinuations.  My main source of info and photos came from the many people that once worked at the Jerusalem Airport or their families due to the fact that some passed away over the last 50 years and others live in Exile outside Palestine.


Also I met, many people that were lucky enough to have witnessed the times, when our airport was our door to the world. It was a personal experience. One person connected me with another. Those people were very happy to share with me their memories and photos and documents. And for this I want to thank each one of them for letting me in into their past.


From there, I realized that the photos were quite a collection and, which shows a period of time about the Palestinian history and social life that was not highlighted and from their the need came to make this exhibition to be available to the Palestinian public.


I think we must preserve the remnants of the positive sides of our past in an organized manner if we want to rid ourselves of the current oppression.