The exhibition had two display vitrines in the main hall and they showcased a large number of photos and documents collected from the many families and workers who have witnessed the Jerusalem airport at the time and have records or photographs of their experiences. Families and individuals such as Dr. Mohammed Al Qutub, Tamari Family, Rene Farhan Marouf, Norma Hawitt, Raji Kaileh, Yousef Hajjar, Abu Mazen Keibneh and Awwad Salameh, were part of many others who were kind to dispense with their personal images for the purpose of this exhibition. Images showed families arriving or traveling to and from the airport. Aircrafts of many Arab airlines were able to land in Jerusalem airport at the time - and who no longer can- were documented in many of the images, such as Air Jordan, Arab Airways, Kuwait Airways, Air Liban, etc, in addition to frontal or inside scenes of the airport, showing its staff in action or even the murals by local artists that had adorned its walls.