Rana Bishara
Born in Tarsheha in the upper Galilee in 1971, Rana finished her BFA in Fine Arts, Women studies and philosophy from Haifa University in 1994. In the year 2004 Bishara earned her MFA degree in painting from the Savannah College for Arts and Design , Georgia , USA on Fulbright scholarship. She expresses herself through installation, painting, sculpture, performing art and photography where the personal becomes political as she deals with human rights and the Palestinian cause. Some of the material used conveys metaphorically the complexity of the political situation; such as the indigenous cactus, bread, chocolate and others that connote issues of durability, fragility and ubiquity. Bishara’s artwork was exhibited in solo and group shows locally and internationally in Palestine , Morocco , Jordan , France , Switzerland , Netherlands , United Kingdom and the USA . Bishara took part in many art residencies such as, Art/Omi - New York , Darat Al Funun Amman - Jordan , Morocco and France . Her artworks are found in private collections, art organizations and museums around the world. Currently she lives and works in Jerusalem and Galilee .

Mervat Essa
Born in Jesh in 1970. Mervat lives and works in her village. She leaned art in the ceramic department in Tel Hay College . She dedicated her career to art education, where she lectured in different schools and institutes in Sakhneen, Tamra and Bqai’a. In her art work, she presented different styles and techniques, mostly based on installations which combined diverse material such as clay, ceramics, glass and wood. Two of her distinguished projects are: “Death Numbered” 2002, and “Me and them” 2005.

Sandi Hilal
Born in Bethlehem in 1973, Sandi is an architect and a researcher in the field of urban sociology and urban planning. She holds a PhD in Trans-border policies for daily life from the University of Trieste, Italy and M.A. in management and control of intervention of the regulation and re-qualification of urban areas in the third world in University of Sapienza in Rome . She was a curator of the Project Stateless Nation and the project Arab cities. Currently, she works with UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) on a c amp improvement program. Along with Alessandro Petti, she represented the Palestinian Pavilion for the Art Venice Biennale. She is a co-curator of different research projects shown internationally such as border devices (with multiplicity). Her projects have been published in national and international newspapers and magazines, as she has published some articles in several journals.