The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit is divided into three main section to provide you with information about contemporary visual art:

ART & ARTISTS    Education    BZU Museum


The art & artist section of the Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University encompasses five main areas:

Exhibitions : For highlights of Palestinian and international art exhibitions.

Artist of the month : For highlights of Palestinian artist.

The Art S-p-a-c-e: A new virtual gallery with virtual tours of contemporary art by Palestinian artists, our artist in residence and students .

News and Events : For detailed information about art events in Palestine and around the world.

links :To help users for contact the art gallery's and the foundations .

In the Education Room of The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University you can find different avenues for learning about the visual arts.

Online Library : Browse the work of Palestinians artists, find articles and conduct advanced searches
Community Art Course : On-line community art course on history of Palestinian art.

 BZU Museum

The Museum section of the Virtual Gallery features the art and ethnographic collections of Birzeit University . These include a rare collection of Palestinian amulets and traditional Palestinian costumes.
Collection: Browse the rare collections of the museum
Database: Search the database for artifacts and articles
Exhibitions: View highlights of BZU Museums exhibitions