Two colored beads Two colored beads. One multifaceted grey and white, while the other is oval yellow and blue bead. They are pierced in the middle and are used to hang on children up to 4 years of age who suffer from gall bladder nausea.
Fear Cup Fear Cup. A yellow copper bowl inscribed on the inside and the rim with words and verses
A board with flat human-shaped silver amulets A board with flat human-shaped silver amulets. Used to be hung on the icons of the virgin Mary for the protection of children.
Pendant made of three chains Pendant made of three chains attached together by a ring. Silver covered teeth and blue beads hang from the chain and at the bottom are 3 circular pieces with 2 red beads and one blue bead.
blue rough stone A soft blue rough stone. Against the evil eye and to treat patients- used as an incense.
Two green circular glass beads Two green circular glass beads. Made in Hebron. Each bead is made of 3 colored concentric circles, orange, white and black in the middle.The beads are pierced for hanging.
Talisman- amulet Talisman- amulet for love made of two cloth shaped auletss one square and the other triangular. The paper talismans inside the amulets has 2 seals of the word baddouh ( from hob and woud) in addition to quranic verses and the names of Allah.
Ivory comb Ivory comb, made of 3 jointed parts. One side of the comb has widely spaced teeth while the other is made of narrow teeth. Letters and phrases are written on one of its flat sides. The comb is used by the woman who has difficulty in childbirth.
Two baby bracelets Two baby bracelets. One is made of tightly twisted thread with white shells sewn on it. The second bracelet is made of red fabric embroidered with green thread. & white beads are attached to the barcelet
Red Coral bracelet Red Coral bracelet with elongated coral beads. Blue beads alternate between every 2 corals. The intensity of the blue color is variable.
Silver chain Silver chain with a flat-shaped bird pendant. Hanging from the bird are 7 trinkets with bells, crescents, blue beads and a black glass bead. On the chain are attached trinkets, silver balls, blue beads, a large red bead on one end and pink quartz stone on the other.
Silver ring Silver ring with 3 blue beads and trinkets in the shape of crescents. The ring top has braided decorations
Imitation of khiara Imitation of khiara – amulet in the shape of cucumber. Its cylindrical in form desorsted with alternating rows of red and blue beads in diagonal alignment
rectangular pendant imitating an amulet case .A rectangular pendant imitating an amulet case. The decoration is made of circular and floral motifs incrusted with 3 beads. The central bead is blue surrounded by 2 red beads. The amulet is pierced by 5 holes penetrating it horizontally.
maskeh Octagonal maskeh-an amulet with numbers and symbols inscribed within a grid representing the seals of the prophets.
maskeh Copper maskeh used as an amulet inscribed by allah latif (God is gentle) and numbers within a grid. At the bottom is one of God’s names latif