Khaled Hourani

1965 Born in Hebron , Palestine .
1987 B.A. in History from Hebron University .
1995- Lives and works in Ramallah.
1996 Resident artist in Geneva , Selected by the Swiss arts foundation ProHelvetia.
2002 Participated in the International Art Book Fair Workshop at Bibliotheca, Alexandrina , Egypt .
2004 Participated in Braziers International Artists Workshop , UK .
2004 A resident artist for one month in Bristol , UK .
2005 granted the title of a trainer in Cultural Management, by Al Mawred Culture Resource Centre, and the European Cultural Foundation
Egypt .


1989 Artistic Trainer at the Social Ability Development Program, Jerusalem .
1989-1993: Supervisor at the Artistic School .YMCA Beit Sahour.
1993 worked as calligraphist, drawer, and graphic designer of advertisements and commercials.
1997 Founded Al Matal Gallery in Ramallah.
1997 Director of the Plastic Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture.
1997 Board member for the Palestinian Artist League.
2000 Art Committee member at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center .
2001 Curator representing Palestine , for the 21 st Alexandria Biennial , Egypt .
2000-2002 Curator for Young Artist yearly Award
2000-2002. A.M .Quattan Foundation.
2002 Vice President of the board of directors of Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah.
2003: Directory board Member, and one of the establishers for the Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art .
1996&2002: Curator representing Palestine , for the Sao Paolo Biennial , Brazil .
1998: Advisor for the Al Arabi Advertisement Corporation.
1998: Graphic Designer for Al Karmel Magazine which is edited by Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish.
1999: Co- writer & director with Palestinian actor Mohamed Bakri; (Abo Mamar) play; Al kasaba Theater Ramallah.
1999 Artistic Consultant for the Documentary Film (Stress) by Rashid Masharawi.
2002: Coordinator for the Poetic Event for Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish at Al Kassabeh theatre and cinematic. 2002 a member of the editorial committee & graphic designer of Al Basira Art Magazine.
2002 Graphic Designer for the Italian short film (listen to the sea).
2003 Founder and board member of the Open Studio, Jerusalem .
2005 Coordinator of The first International Artists’ Workshop in Palestine Spring of Jifna - 2005
2005: Artistic Supervisor for the monthly book published by the Ministry of Culture in Coordination with Al Ayam News Paper. 2005 General Director for the Fine Arts Department; Ministry of Culture.
2005: Artistic Supervisor in Gaza and Ramallah, for the workshop organized by the Palestinian Association for contemporary Art in coordination with the Oslo National Academy of Art .these workshops are to establishing the International academy of Art in Palestine .
2005: Participant Artist for an art critic work shop between Palestinian and Spanish art critics.
2005: Graphic Designer for books and Catalogues for Palestinian Art and
2005: - Implementing several Artistic Projects in national and international press. - And writing in art critic.
2006: Curator, for”Hassan Every Where Exhibition“for the departed Palestinians Artist Hassan Hourani; The exhibitions took place at : Al Quattan
Foundation, Al Hoash Gallery in Jerusalem and at Birzeit University .
2006: Curator for the “Five Stories exhibition”, for five Palestinian artists Em el Fahem Gallery.
2006: Coordinator and Participant for the Luminal Spaces Workshop.

Solo Exhibitions:

1983 Arts Center , Hebron .
1989 ( Ketziout) Ansar 3 Detention Prison, Naqab
1990 Palestinian National Theatre, Jerusalem
1997 Diwan Gallery, Geneva , Switzerland .
1997 Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah.
1999 Al Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem .
2000 Arts & Crafts Village , Gaza . Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah. Al Wasiti Art Center , Jerusalem .

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1985-1990 All art exhibitions held by the League of Palestinian Artists.
1994 Gallery Anadeel, Jerusalem .
1995 French Cultural Center, Jerusalem .
1996 Among Artists A Palestinian Group art Exhibition. Ministry of Culture
1996 (Moakhtha) by three artists; the Palestine International festival.
1997 6th Annual Cairo Biennale, Egypt .
1997 Biennale (Mediteranean de lumières), Tunisia.
1998 Fifty Years of Nakbeh- Nazareth.
1999 Al Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem .
1999 A Palestinian Group Art Exhibition Om Al Fahem.
1999 A Palestinian Group Art Exhibition, Japan .
1999 Palestinian Artists Today. Drammens Museum, Norway .
2000 A Palestinian Group Exhibition UN , New York .
2000 6+2, Arts & Crafts Village, Gaza. ( Galerie de la Grenette , Municipalite de Sion- Suisse.)
2000 (Meridiani Paralleli. Maschio del forte Michelangelo ) Palestine , Key to Peace and Culture Civitavecchia , Italy .
2000 A Palestinian Group Exhibition, Ibn Khaldoun Cultural Center , Tunisia .
2001 (Cactus Voice) A Palestinian Group Art Exhibition, Bissan Gallery , Doha , Qatar .
2002 Imagining the Book, International Contemporary Art Encounter, The Bibliotheca Alexandria , Egypt .
2003 The 14th Japan Afro-Asian Latin- American Exhibition. Japan .
2003 Palestine mais Presque! Dijon , France .
2003 35 artists against occupation.
2004 10 years Braziers, International Artists Workshop Open day, UK .
2004 Open studio at Spike Island Bristol, UK.
2005 Colors of Life and Liberty , UNESCO Head quarters, Paris .
2005 Orange - Em El Fahem Gallery.
2005 la martine Switzerland
2005 4walls gallery, Amman-Jordan
2005 3 cities against the wall: New York , Jerusalem , and Ramallah.
2006 “Five Stories exhibition”; five Palestinian Artists at Em el Fahem Gallery.

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