Manar Zuabi

  • 1964 Born in Nazareth.

     Lives and works in Nazareth



2003- MFA courses at Haifa University

1999- B.A in Fine Arts at Haifa University

1987- B. Ed in Physical Education at Wingate Institute


Prizes& Grants:

2010- "Artist Teacher"  grant for 2010-2011,Ministry of Culture and Sport

2009- Prize for outstanding artists, Moezet Hapais for Culture & Art.

2008- Prize for supporting art works, Moezet Hapais for culture & Art.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2008            "I'm not a reader", performance, Alma'mal Foundation for Contemporary

                      Art in Jerusalem                 

2007-2008   Without, Crossed Histories, City Museum in Haifa     

2006             Deconstruction, Passage project, Tmuna Theater, Tel   Aviv

2004-2003    In Between, Passage project, Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv

2000             Soft Iron, Hard Wool, Beit-Hagefen, Haifa

                     Silent Chords, the Mahmud Darwish Center Gallery in Nazareth



Selected Group Exhibitions:

2009            "I'm not a reader", performance, /Si:n/ Festival of video Art and 

                     performance in Ramallah

2008            oshb akhdar akhdar (green green grass), The jerusalem show, Alma'mal

                    Foundation for Contemporary Art        

2008            Bidoun  Blind spot, museum of modern art, pitach tikva

2008            Bidoun, Overlapping voices, Essl Museum, Vienna

2008            In Between, Territorial Bodies, Museum Beelden aan Zee, Haag

2007            The Birzeit Ethnographic and Art Museum

2007            In Between, Al Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem

2006-2005  Black Coffee, Beit-Hagefen, Haifa

                   Suitcase, Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, pascal carp          

                   Gallery, Brussels, Belgium. Kunsthallen, Viborg, Denmark. Centrum

                   Kultury, keilcc, Poland.

                   They Became One Cry, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem

                   Dead-end, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem

2005           Land, Peoples, and Identities, Dar Annadwa: The International Center,                           

                   Beit Lehem

                  Wounds and Bandaging, Umm el- Fahem Art Gallery

2004           Shame, Umm el- Fahem Art Gallery                                                                                                   

            The Israel Center of Digital Art, Holon, Israel

                  Omanut Haaretz, Reading Power Station, Tel-Aviv

                  In Between, Haifa's Second International Installation Triennale, Haifa                   

                  Museum of Art

2003          Utopia, Beit-Hagefen, Haifa

                  Black and White, Beit-Hagefin, Haifa               

                  Mediterranean, Beit-Hagefen, Haifa

2002          Matrimony, Beit- Hagefen, Haifa

2001          Children, Beit- Hagefen, Haifa

2000          Connecting Thread, the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

                  A Space of Living, Beit-Hagefen, Haifa


        Video Film Festivals:

2008         "in between", "Intimate Narratives", MASARAT Palestine, in Les Halles

                   Palestine de Schaerbeek,     

2006           Czhechpoint, International Exhibition Festival of Political Art, C2C          

             Gallery, Nod-Gallery, Prague

                   In Between, Video Dance Festival, Tel Aviv &

                   Palestine Film Festival, London


       Curator projects:

  • 2009 'Kama Yajib'- 'kmo shitzarich', Gallery Bait BaNamal, com il fault, Tel

    Aviv harbor, in collaboration with Parrhesia, Zokhrot & Ariella Azoulay.

      2009        Bab Esser, Gallery Elbeer in Arara, Wadi Ara, initiative of Elbeer (NGO)