Alessandro Petti
Born in Pescara- Italy - 08 /05/1973
Tel: 0039-3475055309

Current position
· Architect and PhD candidate at the IUAV University of Venice, in Urbanism.
· Curator with Sandi Hilal of the research project and Exhibition Stateless Nation.
· Member of Multiplicity, agency for territorial investigation based in Milan.
· Member of Avanguardie Permanenti, an interdisciplinary group that operate between Art, Architecture and the city. 
· Assistant Professor of “Laboratory of Urbanism” at the Faculty of Architecture of IUAV University of Venice.
· Assistant Professor of “Laboratory of Visual Art” at the Faculty of Visual Art and Design of IUAV University of Venice.

Academic Background
· 1993-2001, IUAV University of Architecture, Venice Italy
B.A., M.A in Architecture, with specialization in urban planning.

· Living among the dead, by Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Charlie Koolhaas, in Domus 880, April 2005.
· Stateless Nation, by Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, in "One Land Two Systems", F.A.S.T. Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory, 2005.
· Arte Urbana, by Alessandro Petti, in Urbanistica Informazioni, N. 198, November-December 2004, INU editore. 
· The Road Map, by Alessandro Petti, Hilal Sandi, Salvatore Porcaro, in Equilibri, N. 2, August 2004
· Stateless Nation, by Alessandro Petti, Hilal Sandi, in Archis, Preview # 4 2003.

· Petti, Alessandro e Hilal, Sandi, senza stato una nazione, Marsilio, Venice 2003

· Gradisca, Italy, Spazzapan Gallery, 14 October 2005. Lecture: Urban Activism 
· Tuscany, Italy, Porto Franco Project, 9-10 September 2005, Seminar: Identity and Nomadism
· Leuven, Belgium, 26-28 May 2005, EAAE Colloquium, The Rise of Heterotopia.
· Birzeit University- Palestine, 28 October 2004, lecture: Social and spatial transformation represented through art exposition.
· Ufficia Giovanni, Prato, 16 November 2004 – lecture: On borders
· Ramallah, Palestine, Qattan Foundation, –28 December 2004, presentation of the project Stateless Nation.
· Biennale of Venice, 14 June 2003, presentation of the project and the book Stateless Nation